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Welcome to Our Team’s P2 Demo

Hi, we’re team Lighthouse! We’re excited to be building P2. We created this demo so that you can see how our team communicates and collaborates using the very product we’re developing. This site collects some of our own project communication and offers some insight into how we work at Automattic. Scroll around and get inspired, then create your own P2 to start experimenting.

Why P2?

According to an Okta Business Study, employees spend 36% of their day searching for information. Nearly half the time, they can’t find the information they’re looking for. P2 is your organization’s collective brain. It holds your team’s vision, project plans, status, discussions, and important decisions. What’s more, Elastic search helps you find what you need, exactly when you need it.

This P2 is designed to show you: 

🏁 How to prioritize communication and transparency in team project work.

👭 How project teams can plan, organize, and share project status.

📖 How project teams can document opportunities and decisions. At Automattic, we’ve been using P2 for a decade.

🔐  How project teams can collaborate on projects asynchronously, so that you benefit by every team member’s input and thinking, regardless of where in the world they work or if they are on vacation or are new to the company and can use P2’s history to on-board.

👍️ How P2 uses collaboration tools such as Figma, Polls, Google Calendar, and to-do lists to help your team accomplish its goals.

Want to take P2 for a test drive? Create your own P2.

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Our Team’s Top Three Priorities

Here’s what we’re planning to accomplish in the next few weeks:

1. Launch new P2 version (Project Plan)

Deploy the new navigation
New global search
Team directory feature (Single-page description)

2. Create Demo Site Content (Project Plan)

  • Launch a P2 demonstration site to help new and existing customers to understand how P2 can improve team communication, transparency, and productivity.

3. Update P2 Landing Page (Project Plan)

  • Collaborate with Marketing to create new P2 messaging. 
  • Launch a contact form to help generate interested users get in touch.

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Team Directory One Pager

Here’s some background information on a new product feature for P2: a team directory. As you know, this part of our Team’s Top Three Priorities:

DescriptionA team directory for external users
GoalsAllow teams to more easily set up profiles, add new users, and discover each other over P2.
MetricsImprove P2 Engagement.
Team evilluendas @migueluy @undemian

Version 1.0

This is an early mockup from @ evilluendas which we’re going to iterate on. The directory is a place where teams can see their other team members on the P2.

The directory has a few specific views:

  • A gallery view of all the members of the team.
  • A profile view to see more details about a specific person, including yourself.
  • An edit view so you can edit specific fields.

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