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Priority 2: Demo Site Content

Our goal: create a new demo that showcases P2’s features and the benefits of running multiple P2s. We want to tell a clear story, free of jargon.

Key content:

  • Showcase P2’s third-party integrations, including Google, Figma, .gifs, video, to-do lists, and project management blocks.
  • Showcase the ways in which we use P2 at Automattic so that users can get a better sense of how P2 can work for them.

How will we use this demo?

We will share this demo site:

  • In live sales calls to showcase the product to prospective customers.
  • On our marketing site, featured prominently.
  • In a “welcome” email to users to help them get inspired.


We will include all of these elements.


Write first draftsIn progress
EditIn progress
Invite team to comment
Link to demo
Ship it!


Start date: June 1, 2021


  • Increase the number of P2s in the wild!

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Team Directory One Pager

Here’s some background information on a new product feature for P2: a team directory. As you know, this part of our Team’s Top Three Priorities:

DescriptionA team directory for external users
GoalsAllow teams to more easily set up profiles, add new users, and discover each other over P2.
MetricsImprove P2 Engagement.
Team evilluendas @migueluy @undemian

Version 1.0

This is an early mockup from @ evilluendas which we’re going to iterate on. The directory is a place where teams can see their other team members on the P2.

The directory has a few specific views:

  • A gallery view of all the members of the team.
  • A profile view to see more details about a specific person, including yourself.
  • An edit view so you can edit specific fields.

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